Extensions West London

extensions West LondonAn extension to your property is a great way to add much needed space for a growing family and more importantly adding value to your home - if it's done well. So, how do you ensure the money you spend gets the results you need?

Make it as big as possible

If you're going to do an extension, make it as big as possibe within your budget but without compromising on the quality of the extension. Once your builder has been appointed and work has started it's worth making the most of it. A extension 5m by 5m metres may cost you £20K, but extending this to 6m by 6m might only add another couple of thousand, but you will get a much better workable space. The additional cost of getting an extra metre out of it is negligible once your builders are on site.

Make sure it fits in with the existing property

Think about the space, is it going to be open plan, are you going to use glass panels, will there be enough light? What materials will it be built from and how will it be designed? Normally it has to be in keeping with your existing property, unless a modern contemporary look.

If you've got an old house with a contemporary extension, that's cool, but think out of the box a little about scale and proportions, think about how things might line up. Do the windows on the new extension line up with the windows on the old house?

Design it properly to get what you really want. Get the size of it right, get the scale of it right, get the proportions right.

Whatever your criteria we are able to advise.

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